Tirta Ayu Spa Nigeria- About Us
Tirta Ayu Spa is a leading traditional Javanese herbal spa in South-East Asia for men, women and
kids. We bring you authentic Javanese Spa treatments with a blend of ancient therapeutic
remedies & modern day spa rituals for healthy living.

Most of our spa treatments and products are peculiar to the Tirta Ayu Spa brand and are not
available at any other spa.

With the stress of daily life, it is unfair not to treat one’s body and mind to a truly relaxing and
rejuvenating treatment… And we all love an experience that shuts out stress and leads to a blissful

At Tirta Ayu Spa, we use only the best blend of natural herbs & spices, finest oils, Basalt stones,
exquisitely chosen music and fragrances to leave you wholly rejuvenated.

Our spa treatments include stress-relieving massages, detoxifying body scrubs & hammam, agedefying facials, traditional manicure and pedicure, V-spa treatments, hair spa treatments and
other signature spa treatments.

The healing hands of our Bali-trained therapists are magical!

If you would love to get more information about our spa services or want to make a reservation,
please call the spa on 0815 200 0000

‘Nature Inspired Wellness’


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: (M/F) 1HR It is a holistic body massage that cares for the body with pleasant oils. A medium pressure massage (combination of Javanese Lomi-Lomi, and Swedish massage) using essential oils that are beneficial for the body and mind. The active molecules of essential oils make the massage penetrates the blood stream & soothes the central nervous system. It aids relaxation, digestion, improves blood circulation and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.
THAI MASSAGE: (M/F) 1HR An exotic, rejuvenating and ultimate workout to realign the body. This firm body dry massage (without oil) is a masterful fusion of Indian Ayurvedic stretching techniques and the Chinese method of deep tissue pressure points massage. It helps to release muscle tensions and spasms, improve blood flow, enhance body vitality and flexibility. and restore suppleness.
AFRICA STONE MASSAGE: (M/F) 90MINS Imagine warm small Basalt stones being placed on key energy points on your body, evoking an aura of warmth. The deep penetrating heat from the stones with oil is used to massage your body using traditional techniques to soothe away stress and to relieve muscular aches, pains and tensions. It's magical! Read More



BOREH BALI: (M/F) 1HR The Balinese Boreh treatment is perfect for soothing aches and pains. It creates a sensation of warming heat to relieve flu and fever symptoms. This treatment begins with a boreh body exfoliation and continues with the Boreh wrap, ground from pure Balinese spices and plants. This traditional recipe helps to detoxify the body and acts as a warming treatment.
CHOCOLATE SCRUB: (M/F) 1HR Enjoy the luxurious feel of chocolate all over your body. We offer the best chocolate quality for skin treatment. High in anti-oxidants & rich in vitamins for preventing ageing, the glycosides from the chocolate moisturize & tighten the skin. Our chocolate scrub treatment helps the skin look younger & supple. The treatment begins with a foot bath ritual followed by a chocolate body scrub.
DETOXIFYING GREEN TEA SCRUB (M/F) 1HR The detoxifying green tea scrub is the ideal treatment to purify, nourish and rejuvenate your skin and body. The therapeutic properties of green tea have long been revered for their ability to naturally detoxify, leaving you with beautiful and healthy skin. This treatment consists of a footbath, scrub with green tea and a shower. Read More


This is a deep cleansing facial designed to refine your facial skin. Cleanse, scrub, steam, extract, massage and tone your face for brightening, firming, eliminating black spots and shrinking of the skin pores to make the skin smooth and flawless.
A refreshing & all-natural treatment using nature's best ingredients. Begins with face cleansing, followed by a facial scrub with natural fruit extracts to remove skin dirt. We use olive oil to refresh the skin, then a face mask is applied for skin hydration and face tonic to nourishe the skin.
This is a combination of Traditional facial with a soothing back, neck and shoulder massage.
Achieve a vibrant result with this high performance brightening facial. It reduces pigmentation marks and age spots for a flawless complexion. Using an active skin complex of Collagen and Vitamin C to protect the skin from harsh UV sun damage and reduce future pigmentation for a brighter and clearer complexion. It consists of facial steaming, scrub, exfoliation and mask.


EXOTIC TIRTA V-SPA: 3HRS This is a special V - signature treatment of Tirta Ayu Spa. A new discovery in the field of female reproductive health. It combines special herbal ingredients with modern technology that help to nourish the female sex organs, improve the function of the female reproductive organs, and improve sexual functionality. Our V - treatment uses 12 herbs and spices that are unbelievably effective for healthy female organs. Full of charm, sensation and romantic fragrance. Feel the magic of this special treatment ONLY available at Tirta Ayu Spa.
RESIK ARUM V - SPA: 2.5HRS This is a routine treatment that should be carried out after each menstrual period to remove blood residue and dirt. It prevents excessive discharge and keeps you feeling fresh and clean.
RATUS PUTRI DEDES: 1HR Ratus is a V - treatment that focuses on care for female intimate organs. It is an original Javanese tradition that existed since the kingdom of Majapahit. This unique traditional treatment uses herbs & spices that have exotic fragrances. It works as antiseptic to avoid infections, cures itching, reduces excess discharge, and refreshes the female genitals. It also helps to improve sexual desire and eliminates unpleasant smell from your intimate organs. It starts with vagina cleaning using special herbs, massage using meridian methods to increase the blood circulation, improve the function of the reproductive organs, soothe nerves and muscles and there is also our unique Vagina smoking or steaming. Read More